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About Us

Decoded Technologies, Inc. (Decoded) specializes in providing customized information technology (IT) solutions to companies in the financial services industry. Utilizing the combination of industry insider insight and technological expertise, Decoded provides the highest level of services to various size financial organizations including Financial Industry Regulatory Authority member broker-dealers, Securities Exchange Commission/ State registered investment advisers, private funds, as well as commodities/futures firms.

In a continuously changing regulatory environment and complex world of IT, financial organizations need a trusted partner that can assist in developing the necessary framework for implementing and maintaining an IT program that is risk based in nature, while maintaining the highest level of security. Decoded provides a variety of customizable services and solutions to meet existing budgets while targeted this evolving regulatory landscape.


Decoded maintains a diverse group of broker-dealer, investment adviser, hedge fund and commodity/future firm clients. This client based coupled with the industry expertise of our consultants and strategic compliance partnerships enabled us to maintain proactive presence in the financial regulatory and IT communities. Decoded seeks to establish and maintain industry alliances (partnership relationships) that reflect our core values, as well as benefit our customized solutions and product offerings.

If you are interested in advertising and/or establishing a strategic relationship with an IT industry leader and pioneer in IT consulting compliance, please contact Decoded today.



Businesses often spend countless hours planning for various aspects of their operations in order to expand, optimize revenues while seeking to limit expenses. Companies focused in the financial services industry (i.e. broker-dealers and investment advisers) spend substantial resources enhancing overall brand recognition and related operational processes, while also targeting reduced customer and regulatory exposure.   As financial institutions navigate this landscape the area that often gets overlooked or reduced budgetary line item is IT related process and controls. This is often with many small to mid-size companies that belief customized IT solutions are only attainable by the largest companies with necessary financial resources. Decoded believes scalable IT solutions that are customizable can be developed and effectively implemented for all companies ranging in size and budgetary constraints. A well-managed IT infrastructure and related controls not only will enable an organization to seamlessly reach revenue and expansion goals, such processes will foster efficiency that will ultimately benefit the long-term success and development of each companies brand. Decoded works with its clients to envision and image the most desirable IT program, enabling clients to maximize existing investments in technology that exceeds regulatory expectations and industry standards.

Imagine IT processes/controls and costs were reduced to discernable and attainable program solution. Decoded believes a well-constructed IT program capitalizes on existing infrastructure and resources, while seek to deploy future strategies and technology that evolve over time. In order to develop this process and methodology, Decoded becomes more than an outsourced vendor, we seek to become your most valued “partner”. This partnership commences upon the inception of our customer relationships and continues to grow as we continue to customize our scalable offerings with changing business models and regulatory landscape.

Why Us

Decoded’s full-service IT consulting and outsourcing solutions are provided to businesses focused in the financial services sector nationwide. Our clients represent a cross-section of various financial entities that range in size, activities and scope of services. The common factor each company maintains are that they rely on Decoded to assist in fulfilling regulatory requirements, expectations, while maintaining seamless IT infrastructure and connectivity. Decoded believes regardless of size and budget technology must support an entities business and operate reliably.

Decoded is dedicated to delivering superior solutions that enable organizational IT infrastructure to evolve with the changing regulatory landscape and business demands. While many companies seek to offer IT consulting services to a wide range of institutions, Decoded provides focus IT solutions solely to entities in the financial service industry. Decoded believes this dedicated approach separates its product and service offerings from other IT firms that are often unaware of regulatory requirements specific to the financial industry. Through our certified consultants and industry partnerships, Decoded is uniquely positioned to provide the highest level of IT services to the financial industry.

Decoded maintains a wide range of products and services including, on-site and remote IT, which are available as pre-packaged programs or à la carte. Decoded is committed to providing the most effective IT solutions while keeping client budgets in mind.

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Our Team

Practical Insight through Experience and Certifications

Decoded’s team of technology professionals have completed countless engagements across the securities industry and related technologies.   It is through this global experiences we seek to resolve financial institutions most complex technology-related challenges, including how evolve business models within the changing regulatory landscape and digital era.  Our team of consulting experts maintains keen abilities and specialization in assisting organizations in both the start-up phase or restructuring of existing IT infrastructure and related controls.

In addition to the vast direct and indirect experience as both in-house and external IT professionals with varying financial institutions, Decoded’s team of technology consultants maintain various industry recognized certifications and credentials such as the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) and Certified Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) offered by ISACA, as well as Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) designations from EC-Council.  ISACA and EC-Council certifications have been recognized by government entities, industry publications, standard bodies and major consulting groups.

Decoded’s team of professionals maintain various technology capabilities that are utilizes to assist our clients in addressing strategy, performance and effective of their IT programs

Reducing risk through technology