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Server Management

Proactive and Trusted Solutions

There are three things equally vital for proper operation of servers – hardware, software and administration.

A qualified administrator is of no less importance as quality hardware or reliable software. What’s more, a good administrator will manage to ‘squeeze’ the most possible performance from both hardware and software, smooth away their imperfections, prevent most failures.

It’s easy to tell a good administrator from a bad one. A good administrator is, so to speak, ‘neither seen nor heard’ – but everything works perfectly. A good administrator prevents problems – a bad one is constantly solving them. A good administrator manages to avoid incidents – a bad one tries to mitigate their after-effects.

With Decoded, all preventable problems will be prevented and avoidable incidents avoided. Should some indivertible problem occur, our administrators will do their best to solve it before it seriously affects operation of the server.

What does Decoded do to achieve top performance and reliability of the servers?

Sensible Optimization

Decoded’s experience has shown that simple item such as the “correct configuration and setting” aimed at the client’s specific needs boosts server performance while utilizing resources in a more efficient manner. Decoded’s administrators know how to deal with high-loaded servers and systems. For every project we seek to maximize optimization at all levels, from web applications to system kernel and web stack, lowering the risk of failure due to peak load.

Constant Monitoring

Monitoring is performed round-the-clock, with check interval starting from 60 seconds. It helps to detect the slightest signs of a problem which may occur, so appropriate measures can be taken in time. As soon as Decoded determines the possible cause of the error, we begin to eliminate it. You will be instantly notified about the incident in a way you specify – by email, or jabber, or phone. If the problem is caused by, for example, database fault, we will contact your service provider ourselves to sort it out.

Security Above All

Unfortunately, there are things beyond administrators’ control – failures could be caused by, for example, bugs in software, patches for which haven’t been released yet. Data breaches can occur due to insiders’ actions or plain neglect. Probability of a DDoS attacks or a hack can be reduced but not eliminated completely. Our administrators are doing their best to minimize the risk.

Backup Of Data

Regular backup is an only measure that ensures that your data will never be lost irretrievably.

Doing All Routine Procedures Carfully And On Time

Everything should be done properly and on time. For our team it isn’t a cliche – it is a guide to action. Custom setting of hardware and software helps to avoid failures which are otherwise inevitable. Security audit at all levels – from web applications to the entire system, installing all updates and patches as soon as they are released, setting firewalls, will make servers considerably safer. Regular backup will guarantee that valuable data won’t be irretrievably lost. Day after day our specialists do plenty of routine work for the only purpose – to make your servers work perfectly.

Reducing risk through technology