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IT Consulting


Decoded specializes in providing IT consulting on a one-on-one or group basis to various size entities within the financial services industry.  Our customized IT consulting services seek to bring a range of technology capabilities that help our clients address various and situations impacted their business.  Through experience Decoded has identified its IT consulting services generally fall within one (1) or more of the following critical areas of business initiatives:


A critical aspect to any organizational development is designing the optimal strategy to reach desired goals. It is through technology that Decoded assists its clients in developing the most cost effective strategy to initiate continued growth within both regulatory and business expectations. The development of sound and relevant IT infrastructure coupled with a trusted IT partner enables Decoded’s clients to aligned these standards and implement the proper blueprint.


An effective IT infrastructure and strategy is ultimately measured by the performance of overall business operations. Underperforming areas and an ineffective allocation of resources can impact overall profitability and sustainability. Decoded assists its clients in developing and at times reconstructing their IT programs to identify and implement the most efficient model targeted at reducing costs and fostering continued innovation and development.


Decoded seeks to identify business initiatives along with compliance implications to assist its clients maximizing its IT initiatives to reach targeted organization objectives. Though the deployment of sound IT infrastructure Decoded’s ability to develop and sustain an effective IT program as a trusted and valued technology partner is what separates its services from other vendors. Decoded believes effectiveness in measured by an organizations ability to utilize technology to reduce risk, while reaching revenue and expense projections. This type of strategy and approach is ultimately conceived in Decoded’s core value which is we view ourselves as “partner” versus a vendor to our clients.


Decoded maximizes the strengths of its industry alliances and experience technology experts to enable companies to navigate the regulatory landscape while maintaining optimal operational efficiency. It is through these principles that Decoded enables its clients to construct concise and sustainable IT programs with measurable effectiveness and performance.

Reducing risk through technology